Genuine Leather

About Us

“I like individuality, everything is so homogenized these days.”  Iris Apfel


SELVISh’ is a line of genuine leather arts. The idea behind the brand is to bring back a radical freedom of art while having fun in design. Originality and authenticity rule the artistic world of SELVISh’. Every single piece has their own character as we believe there is always a twist in design. The founder and mastermind of the brand, Selvy Wijaya, was previously working as an interior designer. Several years in the industry has developed her love for the basic elements of design: texture, color, space, and shape. Combined with her love for art, design, and fashion,SELVISh’ was born in 2014.


Why genuine leather?

“Leather has no limitation, you can fold it, cut it, hand-paint it, creating new texture and shape. Besides, as leather ages, it gets softer and more supple. Instead of looking worn out, it tends to look even more inviting. Leather is always unique and artistic with natural markings, grains and even blemishes.” says Selvy.

There is so much fun in creating something new from it. It always “form follows fun” for us.